One of a kind Sculptures
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Artist Statement

I like to work with the magic of fairy tales, either well known tales or my own imaginative short stories. I feel that my work touches the deepest memories and warmest parts of ones soul. There are no rules, no limits and no ending to where I can go in the realm of fairy tales. My work is about our imagination and how it can transform our own stories of reality into something full of magic and wonder. Many of our well known fairy tales date back hundreds of years and I love researching their history and to imagine what it was like back then to hear those stories. I also love animals and the part that they play in fairy tales and in my story telling. I love to think of them as human and create them with their own personalities. Whether it’s a prince’s monkeys or a dragon, they are always gentle and loving creatures. And whether it is a witch, a princess, a wolf or a fairy, they all come to life for me. Similar to the way fairy tales were told then, I like to think of myself as a story teller now. I tell old stories are familiar and new stories that are my own through my sculpture. It is my hope that my sculpture and the stories they tell speak to people. If you like fairy tales then you already believe in the magic that comes from them. Hopefully my work conveys a little bit of that magic to you and touches your soul as it does mine.
Roxanna Maria
Original One of a Kind Artist/Sculptor

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