Triple Chocolate Mousse Cakes
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I’ve faced countless temptations since beginning my "Sweet” journey into desserts but none have been as irresistible as this one. The allure? – Three layers of sumptuous chocolate – Dark Chocolate Cake, lush Bittersweet Chocolate Mousse and pillowy Milk Chocolate Mousse.

A photo of 4 Chocolate Mousse Cakes on small, white dessert dishes.

And the look?  Spectacular! I first spotted these cakes many years ago when I received the Martha Stewart Living Magazine regularly. You won’t believe this but at the time I can remember thinking, "Why am I wasting my money on this magazine”? You see, five years ago, I would never have attempted any of the stunning cakes or dazzling desserts that graced the pages of that magazine.

A photo of 4 Mousse Cakes garnished with Dark Chocolate Curls displayed on a white cake stand.

But I believe there is a reason for everything, even a subscription to a magazine. I think at the time (even though I didn’t realize it) something inside me began to stir. A new and surprising passion was emerging. Who knew desserts were going to take my life in a new direction? A direction that’s given me "a sense of purpose” that I so desperately needed. And an opportunity to connect with so many wonderful people, like you!

Fast-forward all these years later and I am having the time of my life learning all about the wonderful world of desserts. I’m even learning a new vocabulary. Baking lingo such as fold, blind bake, temper, bain marie, and bloom (the list is endless) that was once foreign to me has become part of my day-to-day speech.

A photo of 4 Triple Chocolate Mousse Cakes, one placed in front on a white dessert plate and 3 in the background on a white cake stand.

Any time I begin a new project (whatever it may be) I have a need to understand everything about it. I spend a multitude of hours researching and learning all that I can. At times it can be daunting. More than one person has told me that I am "obsessed” with desserts. I prefer the term "passionate”, don’t you?

A photo of gourmet cake, Chocolate Mousse Cake with chocolate curls on a black dessert dish.

So thank you for joining me on "La Mia Vita Dolce”, My Sweet Life. It’s been a remarkable experience and I’m glad you’re along for the ride!

A photo of 4 Chocolate Mousse Cakes layered with Dark Chocolate Cake, Bittersweet Chocolate Mousse and Milk Chocolate Mousse displayed on small white dessert dishes with dessert forks with a black background.

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